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Country Retreat & The Grrrr'oom Room



Puppy Paddock:- 75sqm Bark Chipping Surface, Securely Fenced and Gated

Training Paddock:- 500sqm Bark Chipping Surface, Securely Fenced and Gated

Training Field:- 1.5 Acres Grass, *NOT YET …Securely Fenced and Gated* BUT still available for Hire

Magic Water Daisy*    Snuffle Garden**  & lots more


The wagNwalkies Secure Paddock & Fields at the Country Retreat are fenced all around the perimeter with 6ft high fencing and is secure for even the smallest of dogs!

We hire out our paddocks 6 days a week for pre booked sessions and the paddock can be the ideal location for recall training of that dog that you dare not risk letting off in an open non secured area, for general play and lots more!

We use the paddock 6 days a week for our visiting Daycare guests but we also give the option for individuals and groups to hire the facility for classes, training or just somewhere to have safe off lead fun without the worry of meeting other dogs, people or whatever might worry you or your dog off lead in more public places.

wagNalkies believes that ALL dogs need an opportunity to run and bounce and play in order for them to get the most out of life! So with that in mind we built a dedicated play paddock for the dogs in our care.

So if you are looking for a safe, friendly and fun environment for your dog to be off lead in then give us a call.


  • Puppy Paddock
    • Hire  £10 per hour
  • Training Paddock
    • Hire  £10 per hour
    • 1:2:1 Training with Paddock Hire £20 per hour
    • 1:2:1 Training with Paddock Hire £15 per 1/2 hour
  • Training Field
    • Hire £15 per hour*
    • 1:2:1 Training with Field Hire £30 per hour
    • 1:2:1 Training with Field Hire £20 per 1/2 hour

To Book our Paddock for Hire please CLICK HERE to complete our PADDOCK HIRE AGREEMENT and you can book via our CONTACT US page OR via Facebook 


  • Max of 4 Dogs per Booking
  • *Surcharge of £2 per extra Dog over 4 (i.e Training Paddock Hire for 5 dogs for 1hour £12)
  • Maximum of 8 dogs at anyone time!
  • All excrement must be cleared up immediately and disposed of in a bag in the Bin provided!
  • Anyone maybe be requested to leave immediately should they be abusing the facilities in any way
  • Noise to be kept to an absolute minimum at ALL times! This is a quiet rural retreat!

*Surcharge in hot weather of £4 applies for the use of the Paddling Pools and Magic Water Daisy to cover Water Rates!
** Any damaged caused to the paddock and or snuffle garden must be paid for!


  • The retreat is a rural and in so doing a peaceful quiet location, any dogs that Bark excessively will NOT be allowed back and may also be asked to leave prior to your full booking time without refund!
  • Discounts available for block bookings
  • ALL Bookings to be paid for in advance

Location, Address and Directions to the Country Retreat can be found on our CONTACT US page where you can also message us to find our more!


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