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Country Retreat & The Grrrr'oom Room


THE GRRRR’OOM ROOM > is the grooming room within the Dogsville Daycare Facility, where basic services such as Baths, Nails, Health Check, Weigh in etc are handled HOWEVER for the more expertise requirements such as Clipping Trimming etc then that falls to Tracy @FINNese Dog Grooming who is your lady for the “Expert” services! Tracy has her own dedicated dog grooming facility based onsite at the Dogsville Daycare Country Retreat. FINNese Dog Grooming provides a safe and relaxed grooming environment. No Cages are used to house dogs. Dogs are Groomed on a 1:2:1 basis. Each dog receives a “Hydro Massage Bath” with a “Blueberry” facial scrub, along with the specific shampoo for the breed.


CLICK HERE  for the Dogsville Daycare “Grrrr’oom Room” for Prices and a list of services provided complete with Booking.

CLICK HERE to contact Tracy @FINNesse Dog Grooming

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