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The wagNwalkies Secure Paddocks at the Country Retreat contains a SNUFFLE GARDEN!

Sniffing /Scenting is one of the dogs strongest needs! Our Sensory Garden is an enrichment area with different textures, smells, things to do and stuff to explore; part of this is our Snuffle Garden.

Snuffle Gardens are based on two concepts:

  • Dogs see with their noses through scents and release / ground emotional energy by scenting
  • Dogs are masters at zoopharmacognosy – the self selection in the wild of healing plants and herbs.

You will have seen dogs nibbling fresh grass or drinking from one particular puddle, its not because they want to be sick, its because they need it at that moment in time for whatever reason and they have an innate knowledge of what they need. Its not just grass, there are a great many herbs, plants and clays which have healing properties.

Giving dogs the opportunity and the freedom to snuffle allows them to use that instinctual need and to self medicate by inhaling or by ingesting.

Ongoing research is proving that dogs given the freedom to self select are less anxious, calmer and happier (and several rescue sites have added enrichment sensory gardens) – nature knows best!

We have selected a small number of plants and herbs to start our dogs off snuffling and the garden will change and grow over time.

Snuffle Garden








Current Selection and what they are frequently used for:-

  • Basil
    • Antiviral, Antioxident
  • Birch
    • Known to help muscle pain and pain from inflammation
  • Calendula
    • Often selected in emotional distress or depression
  • Camomile
    • Upset tummies, nervousness, sore gums, itchy skin, intestinal worms
  • Catnip
    • Relaxing
  • Lavendar
    • Relaxing
  • Lemon Balm
    • Calming, Soothes and relaxes, Digestive aid, Insect repellant
  • Meadow Sweet
    • Digestive problems, arthritus, rheumatic pain
  • Peppermint
    • Cooling and Skin Irritation
  • Plaintain
    • Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothes digestive and urinary tract mucosa
  • Thyme
    • Anti-bacterial, improves digestion
  • Valerian
    • Calming
  • Wheat Grass
    • Nervousness, anxiety
  • Willow
    • Pain

CONTACT US to liaise with Jo who is responsible for all our Healthy Natural Paws

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