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Sharing Jo @Allsorts of Paws mission to reduce the “carbon paw prints” for all paws, claws, fins, wings and things (and feet!) Holistic Animal Care and Eco Care covering from the heart of Hampshire and across the edges of the neighbouring counties of Wiltshire, Berkshire, Surrey and beyond.

Allsorts of Paws delivers Animal Well Being, Holistic Animal Care – advice on natural diets, natural environments, natural behaviours and healing for every sort of animal.

Looking at your pet as ‘a whole’ the role of the Holisitc Practitioner or Healer is to facilitate and enhance the natural healing processes and abilities all animals have within their bodies – to keep well and healthy. And if necessary help them to heal themsleves. That includes re-thinking about the “household products” we use in our homes too!

Healing can:
* Help with behavioural issues
* Produce a sence of wellbeing, peace and relaxation
* Help with relief with pain
* Stimulate repair at tissue and cellular level
* Assist with relief of stress in trauma and long held fears
* Enhance the positive effects of other therapies
* Help in bereavement and loss of companions
* Help to maintain good health
Animals do not have to have anything wrong to benefit from healing – it’s a relaxing, pampering experience.

Natural Healing is a complementary therapy, not alternative, and does not take the place of veterinary treatment or advice. Animal Healers work alongside Vets and if your animal has an ailment which you have not told your vet about, you would need to consult a Vet before any Animal Healer would be allowed to practice.

See more at www.allsorts-of-paws.co.uk

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