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Day Care

Based in North Hampshire near Basingstoke, wagNwalkies dedicated facility caters to every dog’s desire!

Our dogs spend their time playing, exploring and relaxing with furfriends in a comfortable, secure setting. Specifically designed to ensure maximum fun and safety for your dogs while you are at work or busy.

Did you know that Doggy Daycare can help your dog……

  • Elimiate owner absent behaviour issues
  • Build Confidence
  • Develop Social Skills
  • Maintain Good Physical & Mental Health
  • Decrease Stress for Owner and Dog

Dogs by nature are highly social animals, owners tend to take the trouble to take a pup to “Puppy Socialisation” as a puppy BUT they don’t really learn a lot from other young pups which is where daycare proves priceless.

Normal day to day life means a dog can be left isolated for long periods of time whilst owners are at work, this can be detrimental to any dogs mental health espeically whilst they are younger causing them to suffer. This can result in many behaviour problems including barking, whining, howling, destruction, as well as boredom and depression. Feeling neglected can also lead a dog to lose trust in his owner or even lash out.

Daycare is one of the most important gifts you can give your dog and yourself. Regular play with other dogs builds good socialisation skills and eliminates dog developing “owner absent behaviour problems” resulting in a calmer, more confident dog that is unlikely to bark, bite, or become fearful or aggressive.

wagNwalkies have found in all cases dogs who have attend daycare transform for the better be that into happier, calmer, more controlled dog and even healthier pets.

With individual sleeping quarters, indoor play area and chill out/resting rooms, supervised paddocks outside there is the perfect place for each and every dog in our care.  As each day is different, every dog’s needs are assessed at the start of the session and the day’s activities tailored to their requirements. Some days a long country ramble is called for, other days a quieter more relaxed mooch in the woods followed by some serious sofa time – we make sure every guest is happy and content, no matter the weather!

With permanent and fully trained staff always on hand to supervise, play and snuggle with our dogs you can enjoy your time away and delight in the wagging tails that greet you on your return.

Day Care Options

Standard Package:-
– Client Drop off between 8am – 10am &  collect between 3pm – 6pm
– Exercise Mental & Physical Stimulation from Paddock Plays to Rural countryside walks in the local area
– Free play within the internal play area and central day care facility
– Allocated rest periods and cuddles in the chill out rooms and/or individual sleeping zones

See our PRICE LIST for Pricing Options

See our “DAYCARE REQUIREMENTS” for more details.

Day Care optional Bolt Ons:-

  • Pet Taxi Collection and/or Drop Off
  • Full Bath and Blow Dry (no trimming)
  • 30 min grooming session
  • Nail health check and trim
  • 1:2:1 rural walk (60 min one on one walk)
  • 1:2:1 training session (60 min owner tailored training session focusing on basic skills)
  • & lots more

Contact us for more information and ask about our tailored packages

The benefits of dog daycare

A well-run daycare, with staff familiar with dog body language and behaviour, is an ideal solution for many pets and their owners.

As a good dog daycare wagNwalkies provides:

  • Safe and Supervised play
    • Local walking in parks and such like are not always hospitable places for off-leash interaction. Daycare dogs are all evaluated for energy level and temperament, and are closely monitored while they play, to ensure every dog has fun and stays safe by mixing with the correct canine buddy.
  • Mental stimulation and social contact
    • Dogs are social creatures. Meeting up with doggy friends, even one day a week, provides your pets with a break from the usual routine, and allows them as much (or as little) social interaction as they want.
  • Flexibility for owners
    • Dog daycare is the ideal solution for people with odd work schedules or occasional dog care needs. Daycare offers more flexibility than dog walkers, who have to keep to a schedule.
  • Meeting your dog’s exercise needs:
    • While a day spent at daycare can tire your pet out, it’s not a substitute for your responsibility as an owner – namely, twice-daily walks with some play and training mixed in. HOWEVER, for busy families with packed evening schedules (think hockey games and ballet recitals), sending your dog to daycare when you’re not going to be home at night is a brilliant compromise to make sure all family members are looked after.
  • Manage problem behaviour:
    • Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety – a panic-induced state where the dog feels abandoned and becomes destructive and physically ill during an owner’s absence. Being surrounded by dogs and people can help to mitigate this response while the owner works with a trainer to address the underlying behaviour problem.
  • Overstimulation:
    • While playing with other dogs all day, every day, might sound like your idea of dog heaven, every dog needs a break sometimes. Unfortunately, the most playful dogs will often go until they drop, with no awareness of the need to take a step back. Well-trained staff at wagNwalkies will keep your dog from getting over stimulated, by providing some down time (either alone in another room), or through managing the entire group’s energy level with a controlled nap time.
  • Exacerbating problem behaviours:
    • While daycare can help manage some behaviour problems, it’s possible it will make others worse. Dogs can pick up bad habits, like jumping up on people or furniture, marking or even overly-rough play. wagNwalkies will work closely with you to understand your rules for your pet, and help to enforce the training you’ve been doing.
  • Injuries and worse:
    • When it comes to bumps and bruises, dog daycares are no different than playgrounds for kids. Dog play includes open mouths and the use of paws – occasional nicks and scrapes are going to happen. However, more serious accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and sometimes fights can break out. wagNwalkies staff can help keep these incidents to a minimum, but owners should know that as with any activity involving other dogs, there’s a chance your pet may get hurt.
  • Disease and illness:
    • Yes, dog wagNwalkies screen all attendees and require proof of vaccinations. However, things like kennel cough (think “doggy cold”), puppy warts or even fleas can be spread rapidly through a close-knit group of dogs. The risk is similar to what your pet would be exposed to at a dog park, but wagNwalkies disinfect all the areas where the dogs play daily/weekly.


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