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Billy No Mates

Billy No Mates

Flea & Tick be gone Naturally.


  • Here is the wNw “tick & flea protocol” that works for us!

    There has been SO much talk and worry about these blighters of late. We all know how tricky they can be, but that they also behave completely differently on a dog that is super healthy with a strong immune system & not as many stick around as long if they jump on at all.

    1.Step ONE …. Probably the most important step of all – Natural feeding
    Ideally no processed food, only a healthy balanced diet with supplements needed for each dog as an individual should they be needed at all, wNw feed raw or Holistic Grain Free Kibble. Feeding extruded processed foods day in day out will have an effect on health just as it would for us eating takeaways every day.

    2.Step TWO – Garlic spring and summer in their food. Contrary to what a lot believe a small amount of Garlic is very good for  your dog! Just half a small clove for every ten pounds of bodyweight, if unsure always go just under rather than over. We also use a Natural herbal mix that the creepy crawlies detest. There are various available “Billy No Mates” and “Nature’s Bounty*” being our chosen ones!

    3.Step THREE – Added protection out walking in the wilds! An essential spritz is something we use on the dogs when we take them out walking, just a natural mix to help. Things like “Don’t Bug Me*”

    4.Step FOUR – Flea Collars NOT chemical ones but “Amber collars*” are worn by wNw dogs from around February until October or as needed.

    That’s all we use, of the dogs no fleas & only 3 ticks between them in 4 years


    In Summary a Dog with a strong immune system, natural arsenal of goodies that you can swap and get the

    system thinking and working will usually mean no chemicals are needed.

    As with anything, a happy immune system will make all the difference

    in the war on fleas & ticks.

          NB: 5% Discount available to registered wNw Clients!

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