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Confident and happy walkies with lots of wagging of tails!
Mrs Rushen – Essie and Kallie’s Mummy

We contacted wagNwalkies to help walk our two mountain dogs, so we could enjoy a dog free day out. Our beasts can be very stubborn, extremely loyal and wary of new situations. Our blond beast has fear related issues, so is very unsure of herself at times. When Clair came for the consultation visit our blonde dog hopped up on the settee next to Clair for attention. We were very surprised but pleased. The third time Clair took the dogs out we had to be at home, so thought the dogs may be a bit hesitant in leaving us. Neither of our beasts bothered to look back at us when Clair took them out the back gate. They were more interested in where they were going for a walk. Both our beasts have accepted Clair and the team into the ‘family unit’ and are pleased to see her.

Very helpful
Mrs Sheldrake – Bilbo, Biffa & Alberts Mummy

Clair has been walking my dogs (3) for a while, and they really love her care and attention. They have various needs and Clair and her team ensures they are all catered for (the old man, the crippled dog who needs an extender lead, plus the energetic youngster). I know they are well cared for when Clair or the team takes them out.

lovely company
Miss Hogan – Megan’s Mummy

Just like to say how wonderful Clair is she really knows a lot about dogs and is so good with my dog Megan, she loves going to Clair and is always happy to see us and is very happy being left with Clair.

 So pleased with Clair and wagNwalkies!!
Miss Teixidor – Kira’s Mummy

I would like to report how wonderful the service is with wagNwalkies!
I was in trouble as due to my job I couldn’t walk my dog so I contacted Clair and she helped me straight away! She is always happy to help although each week can be different and she always sends me pictures about their walks too! which I appreciate a lot.
I just can only say good things about wagNwalkies!

Simply Expectional
Miss Harvey – Star’s Mummy

Clair at WagNwalkies is without a doubt the most reliable, dependable, kind, loving and exceptionally talented dog walker/boarder/trainer/sitter & owner I have had the pleasure of meeting.

My German shepherd (Star) has always had a beautiful nature, however typical to the shepherd breed she is fiercely loyal and as such, she was immensely dependent on me and I felt she was missing out on our walks to explore and socialise with other dogs as a result of not wanting to leave me. From the moment I met Clair I felt assured and comfortable in trusting her with the most precious thing in my life. Since, Star has been having sometime twice daily walks with Clair I can honestly say she has transformed. Gone are the days where Star would stick to me like glue, she is now confident to explore, greet other dogs and people and her recall has improved ten-fold.

Clair has not only drastically improved the confidence and behaviour of Star in a matter of weeks, she has also given me many pieces of invaluable advice, stunning pictures of their walks and training tips.

Friendly, reliable and blooming amazing are the only words I have to describe Clair and wagNwalkies, if you have a dog you love and cherish, contacting Clair would be the very best thing you do for your beloved pet next.

Fantastic service
Mrs Bignold – Murphy & Zoe’s Mummy

As I had never used a dog walker before we were a little nervous. However the service Clair provides for Murphy & Zoe is absolutely excellent. We get regular updates and a very quick response to any questions we may have. Extremely satisfied with the service and would highly recommend.

Home from home!
Mrs Gray – Bens Mummy

Not sure what I’d do without wagNwalkies!

Clair is so fabulous with our boy Ben, he almost loves staying with her more than he loves it at home………..he is out of the car within seconds when we arrive and never wants to come home! Clair’s two dogs Harley and Lulu are great role models for him as he has grown and learns from them, allowing him to play and jump all over them but keeping him in check when necessary!

I regularly rely on the ability to book Ben in at short notice and find it really reassuring to know that Clair loves him as much as we do.

Couldn’t be happier!!!!

wouldnt be without them!

Miss Palmer – Maisie & Tillys Mummy

Having taken on a young cocker spaniel I got in touch with Clair to see if she could come and walk her and my older dog at the time a couple of times a week when I am at work. They have been being walked by wagNwalkies for some time now.

Clair has been absolutely brilliant, she is great with both my unsocialised youngster and my deaf old girl. They have helped my cocker spaniel gain confidence and my old girl adores them, I can tell by the lovely photos they sent me of their walks and I can see Maisie running towards them, ears flying with a grin on her face 🙂

I love the fact that they ask about each dog as an individual and treat them as such.

Also had absolutely no problems with reliability, if they say they are going to be they then they turn up, and wherever possible are flexible to suit my working pattern.

Highly recommended

Great Service & Very Flexible

Mr Tyson – Jack’s Daddy

We find the service provided outstanding. Always friendly, very flexible which is key with us both working long hours and travelling often. Most importantly Jack (the dog) loves going out with the other dogs on rural walks and gains key social skills.

“Perfect Equine care

Mrs Brownhill

I can’t express how pleased I was with the care my horse received, having been called away with work for 4 days and having nobody to call on to look after and exercise my horse, I found wagNwalkies and after speaking to Clair I knew he would be in great hands, Clair turned out to be a very experienced horsewoman and I had absolutely no problem with leaving my horse in her care, she went up twice a day, mucked out and went out every day to exercise him, I will certainly be calling on their services again and can highly recommend their services, next month my dog will be boarding home for home..

Always helpful

Mrs Wisken – Sparky’s Mummy

Despite short notice changes to my plans, wagNwalkies went out of their way to accommodate my rather hectic and erratic lifestyle. I’m so glad I have found somebody help with my pets that I feel totally comfortable with. They came home so happy and relaxed I was rather envious! Completely different from when they have been “ordinary” kennels. While I was working away from home, they were playing and enjoying themselves. Well done WagNwalkies.

Very accommodating

Mrs Dodwell – Cricket’s Mummy

Very accommodating especially at short notice. Just about to use home boarding service whilst we go on hols so feel very comfortable leaving our little girl. I’m sure she will have a great time playing with all the big dogs!

Superb Service A+
Mrs Read – Tilly’s Mummy

wagNwalkies provide a trusted reliable source to help me walk my dog on occasions I am unable to. Providing me with a reliable and trusted source to walk my JR Terrier “Tilly” who can only be described as a little terror! I can’t recommend them highly enough and will always mention them to all my animal loving friends and family.
and I love the Loyalty scheme where I get a freebie for every 9 walks I book and pay for!

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