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Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Why is Daycare & Group Walking so good for my Dog?

A: Dogs by Nature are highly social Animals. When a Dog is Isolated for long periods of time their mental health can suffer. This can result in many behavioural issues such as Barking, Destruction, Howling, Whining and more!! Daycare and Group Walking offers your dog socialisation and interaction with other dogs and is a great benefit to ALL dogs be those left alone for long periods whilst you work or just to give them the controlled socialisation they just wouldn't get with their owner and neighbours.

Q: What do I do to book a free, no obligation consultation?

A: Call, email or complete our contact us form.

Q: Do you only accept well trained dogs?

A: No, although we do like dogs to have some idea of behavioural boundaries we do not expect your dog to be an obedience champion! Many owners will notice improvements in their dogs behaviour after spending time with us.

Q: What areas do you pick up from?

A: Our pick up are for walking covers Basingstoke and the Surrounding Areas up to approx 8miles, please ask if you are unsure.

Q: Do I need to book the same days each week?

A: No, we do have a minimum booking of 1 walk/day per week on an on-going basis to ensure that the dogs are used to the wagNwalkies routine and get to know the other dogs.

Q: What happens if it is raining or cold?

A: Walking is always still required regardless of the weather and the dogs don’t tend to be affected by a bit of rain and neither are we!

Q: Do I need to be home when you collect or drop off my dog?

A: No, most clients are comfortable sharing a set of keys to enable us to pick up and drop off your dog when you are not at home. Our insurance has key cover included and all staff members have advanced DBS checks and keys are stored in our secure key safe.

Q: What if my dog doesn’t get on with the other dogs?

A: Your dog will be under constant supervision and if it is observed that your dog is not getting on with the others then wagNwalkies will take appropriate action. If wagNwalkies consider your dog to be unsuitable for the care requested then we will inform the owner immediately.

Q: What happens in an emergency?

AwagNwalkies have emergency procedures. We will assess the situation and call you to discuss, if we are unable to contact you and urgent medical attention is required, we will take your dog to your nominated veterinary practice or, depending on the circumstance, the nearest veterinary practice.

Q: Do you offer care at the weekend and bank holidays?

A: wagNwalkies operates 7 days a week. However, surcharges apply to Weekends, Evenings and Bank Holidays!

Q: Can my puppy attend the day care centre?

A: Yes, wagNwalkies welcomes all new puppies! The day care is the perfect environment for your puppy to grow and socialise before upgrading to walking groups. We accept puppies once they are out of their vaccination period and they will be given a different schedule in accordance with their age, size and activity levels.

Q: My question isn't here, what do I do?

A: Contact Us with you questions not answered above.

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